Consulting Services

• CCL/Prepregs Formulating, Production and Troubleshooting:

Essex can provide formulating expertise with thermosetting resin chemistry for the manufacture of copper-clad laminates (CCL) and prepregs. On the production side, Essex can make your CCL production facility more efficient by increasing throughput and reducing scrap. Essex can trouble-shoot issues with your electronic base materials at the PWB and Assembly shops.

• Target Marketing of Building Blocks for CCL/ Prepregs:

Have a new product targeting for CCL manufacturers in Asia? Let Doug Sober and Essex take it to our CCL friends in China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Essex will optimize the presentation package and data for the best impact at the target customers. We follow the sample evaluation process then turn it all over to you for commercialization.

• Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Assistance:

Obtaining a UL listing for CCL is a very expensive step with the required Long Term Thermal Aging and Index Testing. Essex can work directly with UL on your behalf to reduce the cost of testing and the time to market. In addition, Essex can assist to solve “Follow-Up Services” issues. Essex provides training on UL and the listing protocol on a global basis.

• IPC, IEC and UL Standards Expert:

Base Materials Standards and their corresponding test methods are a maze that may be difficult to understand. Doug Sober has been involved with the base materials standards process for almost 4 decades. We know the IPC and International Electrotechnical Commission (Switzerland) inside and out. Need history a lesson on how we got here? Essex knows. Involved in a lawsuit involving base materials and standards? Doug Sober can be your Expert Witness. Essex also assists in the IPC certification process for IPC-4101E from the audit to the qualification testing.

• Technical Writing:

Essex can take your technical brochures, video scripts, press releases, MSDS and other printed materials and put them into easily-understood American English. We write press releases and technical articles. Essex can also translate English documents to German or German articles to English.

• Market Studies, Information and Sourcing:

Use the vast network of Essex on a world-wide basis to obtain detailed information on such things as the halogen-free market or to source hard to find or expensive building blocks. Just tell Essex what you want to know and we will go find it.

• Microtek Laboratories China:

If you need testing on CCL, PWBs and Assemblies, Microtek has one of the most well equipped laboratories in the world.

“Almost 4 decades of Technology, History, Marketing, and Standards for the Electronics Supply Chain”.

Technical Consulting and Strategic Marketing for Electronic Base Materials and PWBs

Mr. Sober

Essex has almost 4 decades of formulating and manufacturing expertise related to the production of copper-clad laminates and prepregs. Our involvement with standards development and UL has kept Essex at the tip of emerging technologies.

Essex conducts target market development activities to CCL and prepreg manufacturers in Asia. This work includes everything from generating introductory slides and performance data, presenting to the target customer, obtaining sample orders and follow-up services.

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Copper Clad Laminates

Essex can help you research the electronic base materials market to understand what customers want so that you can provide exactly what is required. Not over specified or under specified.

Market Studies
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By helping develop international product standards, Essex will keep you informed of leading edge technologies and changes that may affect your market competitiveness.

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